If you are in NYC Come to this event…

Dear friends,

If you happen to be near NYC on Aug the 11th and would like to be part of my film I’m throwing a fundraiser/finale filming party.

Tickets are $15 a person limited to 50 tickets and $25 for a couple limited to 10 of those.

The money goes to all things needed for the shoot. where you get to dress classy and be in our film

including a string trio playing the original sound track composed by them (http://www.brandytrio.com/media.html)

a treat of an accordion and stand up base band after (http://tootsweet1.bandcamp.com/)

and a free open buffet with some great super healthy food cooked by me the director himself and a couple of great cooking buddies.

Tickets are here in support of our Indiegogo campaign http://igg.me/at/TheFall/x/3557220

heres the Menu I came up with:




P.S. If my film fails then I at least have a future in the food industry 😉