new ones


Ant City

I did this drawing based on a photograph I took of some grass and Minnesota from
 a plane at night, superimposed together. The image made me think of ants and comparing their need to build a colony with our need to build towns and cities.

I would like to retake or crop this image though. I was thinking of making a city in some wheat grass Im growing too and use LED lights

Time to Kiss

This is sort of a reinterpretation of Klimt’s Painting called the kiss. This series of drawings are
 all a mixture of drawings that are finished and studies for larger paintings and a few sculptures. Not sure which is which yet.

These have a lot to do with my experiences coming from relationships and the perception of time spent in them. Also the time that all the emotions involved take place. As much as time heals everything, time is also an on going thing that brings more to the table to deal with, where every moment, relationship, good times, bad times, they are linked into each other and the next moment to come. I also think of the ending of relationships when I look at these drawings. They are some sort of a reminder that all things must pass.