Ant City

I did this drawing based on a photograph I took of some grass and Minnesota from
 a plane at night, superimposed together. The image made me think of ants and comparing their need to build a colony with our need to build towns and cities.

I would like to retake or crop this image though. I was thinking of making a city in some wheat grass Im growing too and use LED lights

Time to Kiss

This is sort of a reinterpretation of Klimt’s Painting called the kiss. This series of drawings are
 all a mixture of drawings that are finished and studies for larger paintings and a few sculptures. Not sure which is which yet.

These have a lot to do with my experiences coming from relationships and the perception of time spent in them. Also the time that all the emotions involved take place. As much as time heals everything, time is also an on going thing that brings more to the table to deal with, where every moment, relationship, good times, bad times, they are linked into each other and the next moment to come. I also think of the ending of relationships when I look at these drawings. They are some sort of a reminder that all things must pass.


Two new drawings that are displayed backwards due to what happens when you use photobooth to upload your work.. this is how I look to myself though. maybe this is what these drawings would see themselves as if they had self awareness. speaking of self awareness… that happens a lot if you are hanging upside down from a thin string. but definitely not comfortable…

Desert Door

I drew this image after seeing a photograph of an old ruin in the Egyptian desert. I plan to hopefully find that place sometimes and maybe photograph it. I really like doorways or windows. It always makes me think of spaces and the objects that separate them. In this case it was a door that separated that same space. and I like that you can walk through it or simply walk around it. When I see a door in the middle of nowhere I think of a purpose it possesses. If it is not separating two different spaces, then I assume that there is more meaning behind it, or that something might happen if I walked through it. Making it a mystifying place to stand in. (A portal)

Phantoms at the Edge of my Bed

Just a draft coming through my window

sleepy-covers weighing down my bed
silly phantoms at the edges
hear voices in my head
let me breathe coz I cant tell you
I can’t see it anymore
If I hear you calling on me
see me running for the door
Silly phantoms at the edges
of my bed and on the floor
If you force me to roll over
I can’t see you anymore
sticky fingers on my pillows
poor zacky’s there no more
there’s a budgie dinosaur
and he is tapping at my door
Silly phantoms at the edges
of my bed and on the floor
If you force me to roll over
I can’t see you anymore

home (hōm)


the place where a person (or family) lives; one’s dwelling place; specif.,

the house, apartment, etc. where one lives or is living temporarily; living quarters

the region, city, state, etc. where one lives

the place where one was born or reared; one’s own city, state, or country

a place thought of as home; specif.,

a place where one likes to be; restful or congenial place

the grave

the members of a family as a unit; a household and its affairs homes broken up by divorce 

an institution for the care of orphans, people who are old and helpless, etc.

the place that is the natural environment of an animal, plant, etc.

the place where something is or has been originated, developed, etc.